Nigerian Musician Turned Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Broker Buys A Ferrari


BNaira Ferrari and Bitcoin
Nigerian Musician BNaira Buys New Ferrari Says Thanks to Bitcoin

Nigerian musician and newly recruited Bitcoin advocate, Adewale Adebayo a.k.a BNaira has acquired a new Ferrari.

The Dubai-based musician known for his luxurious lifestyle and brand recently unveiled the $300,000 red automobile on his Instagram page; with a note of gratitude to the recent bitcoin (BTC) pump which he credits the funds too.

He said “I feel very honoured to be joining the Ferrari family and becoming part of the most prestigious team in the history of Formula One”.

BNaira had for weeks leading up to the purchase and its aftermath been vocal about Bitcoin (BTC) and his profits, making references to his catch phrase “Soco your Bitcoin”.

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Please don’t make me laugh too much today – All I wanna do is to Soco d bitcoin…#more bull runs to records…#Think big bitcoin.

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