Microsoft Adds Bitcoin (BTC) Currency to Excel Application

Microsoft Excel and Bitcoin
Microsoft Integrates Bitcoin Currency and Symbol in Excel Applications

Tech giant Microsoft has included Bitcoin to its latest currency options on the Microsoft Excel application, a recent post suggests.

Cryptocurrency adoption is taking quite a number of forms and innovations, with Microsoft looking to continue its development and incorporation in this space. After recently announcing it is developing a Digital Identity (DID)  System on the Bitcoin blockchain, the tech giant now has the Unicode Bitcoin symbol (฿) in Microsoft’s default accounting application.

As depicted below, users of the Microsoft Excel application now have the option to make spreadsheets on BTC gains and losses (hopefully gains) using the most popular number processing application. However, other cryptocurrencies seem not to be included at this time.

Bitcoin Currency Symbol Featured in Microsoft Excel

According to a Redditor who posted this, he remarks

This is one small step in boosting Bitcoin’s  brand recognition and its place in modern society…Everyone now finds the internet or email normal, while 20 years ago most people would think you are crazy with your internet thingy.

Indeed, Microsoft seems particularly interested in this space with partnerships and products around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Big Corporations Taking a Bite

More large companies from tech to business are gradually making moves, some full blown while others wait on a big signal.

In a similar a development, search engine giant Google had in February this year included the Bitcoin (฿) symbol on its native keybord for iOS mobile devices. The feature could be activated by holding down the dollar symbol on the Google iOS keyboard.

These and many more along the lane point to one fact; technology firms (Samsung and more) are acknowledging Bitcoin as a potential asset and a viable digital currency.

Did you know? Microsoft first started accepting Bitcoin payments for its products in 2014, making it one of the earliest big names to do so.

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