Is Twitter CEO Buying $10,000 Bitcoin Weekly?

Twitter CEO Spends $10,000 Weekly on Bitcoin

CEO and founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey dropped a hint he spends $10,000 per week on Bitcoin (BTC), just as he continues to speak and utilize cryptocurrency assets.

The CEO who made the revelation during a recent podcast – Tales from the Crypt podcast said he looks to keep up with the ‘Staking Sat Saturday’ trend on Twitter – a new Twitter trend in which users buy $25 BTC every week to show the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies. Dorsey however said he would have participated this week but he had already exceeded the $10,000 buy limit on CashApp; as he looks to buy next week when the limit rotation continues.

NOTE: CashApp is a mobile app launched by Dorsey which allows users in the United States buy Bitcoins directly via Bank and other payment channels.

Dorsey’s recent remarks further affirm his support for cryptocurrencies haven been credited with a statement where he expressed belief that Bitcoin is the “Internet’s native currency” and “virtual currencies are the future of legitimate means of global payment.”

Also in February, the Twitter boss revealed that Bitcoin is the sole crypto he holds just as he experimented with the Bitcoin Tippin App launched by a Twitter user for sending micro payments across the social media platform.

In his final remarks, the CEO goes on to speak about his journey experimenting Bitcoin while highlighting parallels he sees between Bitcoin and Twitter; he states:

I do not want to wait around for that (bitcoin) to happen to me or to us as a company – I want to help make it happen.

Jack Dorsey to Join the Crypto Greats

It is yet to be known if Jack’s $10K buy only took effect this week however, what is certain is the Twitter boss becoming a regular figure in the cryptocurrency community and industry; a great addition to the growing list of digital personalities championing the cryptocurrency/Bitcoin course.

One of Jack’s popular Bitcoin quotes reads:

Imagine being born this year, only knowing that the potential for a global currency (E.g Bitcoin) exists. That is exciting. You see this with the adoption of any critical technology E.g You see children today going up to any screen and having an exception that they can slide it, and touch it, and zoom, and use their fingers. And it speaks to the impact that the iPhone and the iPad had in changing the expectation…the same will be true for Bitcoin and blockchain and digital currency.

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