The Great Crypto Witch Hunt – Ads Banned By Snapchat

Snap INC, the company behind the likes of Snapchat has been identified as the latest company to initiate a ban on advertisements surrounding crypto ICO’s. As a culmination of policy changes, the platform has effectively separated crypto advertisements from those exclusively advertising ICO and investment opportunities to users (which will no longer be tolerated).

Following on from the Securities and Exchange commissions reports and statements regarding recognition of Cryptocoins as securities, many platforms including Twitter have realized the potential legal implications promoting such products may bring.

On the other hand crypto advertising has run rampant on the likes of YouTube as many familiar crypto services such as eToro have purchased considerable screen time. This comes as Google, the parent company behind the likes of YouTube is set to restrict and limit ICO advertisements on its subsidiaries. Furthermore, ICO’s such as those promoting Bunny Token have also been gaining extensive exposure on the platform. eToro has also recently launched a advertising campaign in the UK as trains and underground stations have also featured crypto in an attempt to engage with the general population.

Furthermore advertising is also set to be restricted on the likes of Facebook which has gone on the hunt to identify and ban bitcoin advertisements on the platform.

To conclude, Snapchat becomes the latest asocial media platform to restrict and limit crypto ICO advertising. This comes as Twitter too has announced its intentions to limit crypto advertising particularly surrounding advertisements regarding crypto exchanges and ICO offerings too.

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