Google Keyboard Adds Bitcoin (BTC) Currency Symbol

Google Keyboard Introduces Bitcoin Symbol

Little by little, slowly but steadily, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are moving towards more publicity, utility, recognition and adoption. This assertion is given more validity with the recent addition of the Bitcoin (BTC) currency “B” symbol to Google’s native keyboard (Gboard); though currently available to only users of Apple iOS devices.

Arguments as to what symbols or emojis to add to official keyboards of mobile devices will always be in contention. Given the popularity and availability of mobile devices to all economic classes, they offer a wide reach and inclusion in thier keyboards reflects trends which are relevant or in demand globally as well as the likelihood of the symbol being used by phone users.

Hence, the frenzy and deductive insight following the recent addition of the Bitcoin symbol to the Google keyboard for IOS users.

How to Use

To access this function, users must launch the Google Keyboard (Gboard) rather than the default Apple keyboard. Next, users then ‘hold down’ the dollar ($) symbol until a pop up of major world currencies (fiat and now Bitcoin ‘B’) appear. At the selection window, the bitcoin symbol is visible on the far left as the first before other currencies (*guess the ranking is phenomenal*). Quite easy!!!


Extensively, through Bitcoin’s 10-year reign and less for other cryptocurrencies, they have all been viewed as emerging currencies for tech savvy users; however by this inclusion in Google’s keyboard, the average non-coiner gets to actively and regularly normalize the idea, concept and presence of cryptocurrencies.

This addition could also be likened to an awareness ad for Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies. Although android users are yet to get this feature, this latest addition references signs of a wider acceptance and growing popularity of the native cryptocurrency. “The herd is coming”.

What are your thoughts on this…Is Google taking Bitcoin seriously? Major firms are taking interest in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), get in on the future of currencies, Buy/Sell your Bitcoin (BTC) here:, it’s 100% safe and reliable.





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