GMO Launches B2, Answer To The Bitmain S9 – Worlds First 7nm ASIC Miner

GMO has launched the worlds first ever 7nm bitcoin miner. Designed completely in house, the device is the brainchild of the Japanese giant. In layman’s terms the smaller architecture has the potential to offer considerable power at lower power draws allowing for a efficient operation.

The device may also encourage Nigerians to get in on the mining craze, offering 1TH at a minimal 81w power draw, miners can maximize their profits. Allowing smaller electricity costs, consumers can reach a return on investment earlier despite the miner being nearly 2k USD while Bitmains premier offerings are closer to $900.

The device was released on May 24 but for users wanting to see the device in hand, the wait is set to be 5 months as initial shipments are due this October. Users can also preorder the device from tomorrow as the company is holding a information session in Tokyo. Please be aware there are currently a number of fake pages and impersonator advertising GMO devices especially on social media sites like Facebook. Please ensure you use the official site rather than fake sites such as which are linked on Facebook.

To conclude, the new miner launched by GMO offers huge hash rates while keeping a lid on power consumption. Ushering the dawn of larger home operations, the miner allows for casual miners to have access to industrial equipment. In the current environment, the $1999 price tag places the miner in a competitive position. With known supply restrictions Bitmain may see its crown toppled soon unless new machines make a showing.

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