Entertainment Frenzy as Bitcoin Gets a Mention on Eminem’s New Album

World renowned U.S. rapper and actor Eminem recently released a new album titled “Kamikaze”. The Album which is the tenth album of his illustrious career; had a feature on track 9 named ‘NOT ALIKE’ which he collaborated with fellow U.S. rapper Ryan Daniel ( a.k.a Royce Da 5’9’).

Fans and listeners to the track had a curious inkling and cheer at the mention of Bitcoin by Royce Da 5’9’ where he sings:

Remember everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doing Bitcoin.

Wow right? According to music analysts the line portrays to a large extent the increasing utility, popularity and public interest in Bitcion and by extension cryptocurrency which is viewed as the future of the financial system.

This recent mention on the Kamikaze album is one of many previous mentions by music stars including mentions on their social media platforms. Notably, Black American rapper Akon, had earlier this year publicly launched his own cryptocurrency to be used majorly in his ‘Akon Crypto City’, also Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) had in January been rumored to own millions of dollars in Bitcoin after becoming the first rapper to have accepted Bitcoin as payment for his fifth studio Album ‘Animal Ambition’ released in 2014 though he later controversially denied owning any Bitcoins for personal/tax reasons.

In same vein on popular social media platform Instagram, Kim Kardashian a top American entertainment personality with a follower base of 114 million and wife to Kanye West; had a few months back posted on her story a few lines stating:

We moved onto Bitcoin!.

Kim’s Story

Just as a year ago precisely August 31, 2017; popular American wrestler John Cena had posted an image showing a cluster of Bitcoins on his Instagram page to his 10 million followers; with the price of Bitcoin which was a little above $4400 surging at the time and the post triggering assurance comments from enthusiasts amidst keen interests from his followers.

This list of events and celeb publicity scenarios as regards cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin are sure to multiply with time as lots of activities unfold in the crypto sphere. It comes as no surprise the positive effect the entertainment industry has on cryptocurrency publicity and breeding confidence of non coiners in the sector.


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