Buy Domino’s Pizza with Bitcoin

Bitcoin for Pizza

Bitcoin for Domino’s Pizza – With crypto adoption reaching an all-time high, the recent use-cases of Bitcoin as payment for regular goods and food items purchases is becoming a common practice.

Domino’s Pizza, a global brand in pizza meals can now be bought with Bitcoin payments anywhere in the United States. This very ‘delicious news’ is made possible through the LN.Pizza (Lightning Pizza) platform launched by the Fold App which allows consumers order for Domino’s pizza via the Bitcoin lightning Network, with an incentive 5% bonus on all orders via the network – Great Deal!!!.

The Fold App is designed to aid retail consumers to make fast and cheap purchases using Bitcoin payments, through their smartphones. Users simply enter the amount of Bitcoin equivalent to their order, scan QR codes after the order and make payments to the generated address from their Bitcoin wallet- just like spending regular cash.

The use of the lightning network is a great advantage as transactions are way super fast and instant.. See our article on  Lightning network here:

Other food and beverage needs haven’t been left out, from Coffee orders to pizzas (see LN.Piz); the Fold team also plans to roll out portals for more food brands including Dunkin’ Donuts, Whole Foods and Target.

According to Product Lead at Fold, Will Reeves he remarks:

We are trying to make Bitcoin fun again and illustrate that lightning is at a point where it is mainstream-ready.

He further states that the app which has received positive feedback from customers, will also see a roll out to Canada if its U.S community keeps up at a good pace.

Bitcoin (BTC) for Regular Goods

The safety, ease and speed of transactions for BTC and crypto payments across retail vendor platforms is a plus for the crypto industry; especially as millennials tend to more instantaneous and digital platforms. With these prospects, the adoption and more uses cases of cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin payments looks more like a question of ‘WHEN’ rather than ‘IF’ they will be adopted or used.

Ever paid for meals with Bitcoin/ other crypto? What are your thoughts on its prospects.

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