BitWage: Pay and Receive Salaries in Ethereum and Other Cryptos

BitWage for Salaries in Bitcoin and Ethereum
BitWage Service Allows You Receive Salaries in Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies

Sequel to our blockchain career and job publication, we take a look at a crypto payroll service for employers and employees in this digital era.

This service is launched by a start-up called BITWAGE. The company provides a double-faced service which allows companies to offer digital asset benefits to their employees; and to pay employees at cheaper and faster rates.

Also for employees and freelancers, Bitwage allows you receive your wage in cryptocurrencies (digital assets), without huge charges or delays experienced with fiat payments.

The company is said to have been providing deposits of bitcoin since 2014 and will at this time incorporate Ethereum payments; hence expanding its cryptocurrency options for users.

BitWage Launched in 2014 Supports Bitcoin and Ethereum For Wages

BitWage currently serves over 30,000 workers, employees and freelancers, with over $2.5 million paid in monthly funds processing for contractors and full-time employees.

Notable companies whose employees use BitWage to convert their cash salaries to crypto include; Google, Amazon, Apple, Uber, WHO, Airbnb, ComCast, Facebook.

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What are your thoughts on this service? Would you accept wages in cryptocurrency?

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