50 Cent Discovers $7 Million Bitcoin Holdings

Curtis Jackson also known popularly as 50 cent, the voice behind hits like PIMP, has uncovered a previously lost stash of 700 bitcoins he made selling the Animal Ambition album in 2014. Worth a excess of $7 million when converted with the current exchange rate at the time of writing, 50 Cent becomes the celeb with one of the biggest bitcoin holdings in the world.

50 Cents holdings which at one point were worth over $12 million, are one of the positives coming from collaborations between crypto and the entertainment industry. Older users of crypto may remember the coin named after Kanye West. Despite attempting to fuse a music icon with crypto, it seemed Kanye had other plans suing the developers behind the coin essentially destroying the project days after launch.

“A little bitcoin anyone? LOL. I know I make you sick but excuse me…I’m getting to the bag,” 50 Cent stated on Twitter.

50 Cent isn’t the only celeb interested in Crypto with the likes of Mayweather promoting crypto ICO’s via their Instagram platforms. The HUBII network was one of the few given the Mayweather stamp of approval as it began funding rounds for its smart contract network developed for sporting professionals . Furthermore the boxing legend also endorsed the likes of Stox, a huge blockchain prediction platform, allowing it to raise millions in its ICO.

To conclude, 50 Cent becomes the latest celebrity to join the crypto train as it rides on up. As social media becomes the biggest platform for engaging with a massive audience, traditional forms of marketing such as email and online advertising are slowly becoming obsolete adding to the value celebrity endorsement provides for a brand and service.

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