United Nations Aims To Increase Bitcoin Presence In Africa Via Volunteers

United Nations official volunteering site has just posted its first 2 vacancies for Bitcoin Gurus. Essentially this role aims to spread awareness of Bitcoin including its many properties and uses. The role comes as one of the first major efforts by the UN to alleviate African financial crises, and expose the value and flexibility of cryptocurrencies on a day to day basis or even when making remittances.united nations

The selection process is particularly simple and anyone can sign up on the online volunteering website. After you apply for the opportunity for Bitcoin trainer you may be selected to volunteer around 1-5 hours a week.

“Our organization has established an account with Coinbase, a web platform and we are accepting donations in Bitcoins. None of our team members understand the digital currency and how to seek out donations.

Initially looking for Bitcoin savvy volunteers to join their team, the volunteers are also prioritized in looking for various fundraising methods. Currently a Coinbase account has been set up for donations but the team is unaware of how to fully use the service. Therefore it has become the responsibility of the volunteer to maintain this without actually “advertising” it. Currently the only requirements are you must now fluent English and have in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin, block chain and various other technologies. Not only will you be helping to shape the future of African commerce you gain valuable experience working with one of the biggest government funded agencies.bitcoin promo

To conclude, the opportunity set out by the united nations finally highlights the interest many nations have regarding Bitcoin and crypto. The drive to enhance education and spread knowledge of Bitcoin particularly in developing nations in Africa may soon be explosive considering current volatility for many fiat markets. Currently the markets of many countries such as Nigeria and Kenya are in ruin particularly affecting families and workers. Not only can the Bitcoin solve social issues it can easily revolutionize remittance industries many countries rely on.

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