The Complete Guide To Creating Your Bitcoin Wallet In Nigeria

How to use Bitcoin, the definitive Guide

Bitcoin is a technology most wouldn’t be able to explore. The sheer fact is on the surface Bitcoin is a complicated piece of technology but hopefully this article will clear all misconceptions you may have. By the end of the article the basics of Bitcoin, creating a wallet, securing your account and using Bitcoin will become clear so read on to find out how you can become part of the future.

Bitcoin is considered the future of fiat money. Pioneered by Satoshi Nakamoto, the technology basically acts as a digital alternative to the Naira. The infrastructure can directly be mirrored as banks are mirrored by Bitcoin addresses and the Naira represented by the Bitcoin., the world’s most popular online wallet is a very lightweight Bitcoin wallet where you can store your Bitcoin securely. Accessible wherever internet is available this site allows you access to your Bitcoin at any time.

Step By Step Guide To Create Your Very Own Wallet:

First Navigate to the website. This will have a green security bar next to it once you have reached the page to confirm you are on the correct site.1


Next Click on the wallet tab as seen above. This will allow you access to create a new wallet by clicking the tab as seen below.


Fill out the details as requested. This stage is extremely simple and will take under a minute.


Finally you will be greeted with the home screen. As seen below you will see your total balance to the top right. As you can see all your transactions incoming and outgoing are displayed clearly for you to see.

bitcoin guide

You can click on the receive tab to get your Bitcoin address. You can easily give out this address to anyone, to send Bitcoin to. The send tab allows you to input the number of dollars or Bitcoin you want to send and to what address. After this is specified just hit send and your Bitcoin is on its way!

Hopefully the guide has given you a step by step insight into creating your own Bitcoin address. The address will give you the freedom to use Bitcoin wherever you please.

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