How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

You can buy and sell Bitcoin easily via exchanges designed to allow you and sell and buy Bitcoin on demand. Direct trades between Bitcoin users are also possible but exchanges have been designed to be seamless, efficient and provide value for your Naira. Currently NairaEx is the premium service operating in Nigeria and we will examine how it can not only have save money/time but also make sure your family gets the most out of your remittances!

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Premium market rates

Bitcoin rates do constantly fluctuate but at NairaEX the exchange rate is set at the time of transaction. Ensuring you get the most for your money, NairaEX is the place to sell Bitcoin for your Naira. Real time exchange rates calculated from international markets, will also allow you to take advantage of spot prices making sure you always receive the value. Compared to other exchanges not only will you find premium exchange rates but extremely low fees so your money can go further.

Security and safety

Security is key to any transaction involving money. Especially with online services users need peace of mind to ensure their money will reach their family. With other exchanges being hacked users should be rightly worried but at NairaEX multiple layers of security will make sure your account and your money are always in the right hands. A security layer on the website certified by a SSL certificate ensures all communication is encrypted and secure. Furthermore 2FA and email verification will make sure your transactions and account is never compromised as you receive email to ensure your details are verifiable.

Fast service

Speed is key when you want to remit your money. Services such as Westerunion and world remit can take over 3 days to send your money to your recipient. However with the services provided by NairaEX you can expect to send your money within a matter of hours as the equivalent value in Naira or BTC is sent to the appropriate account within a matter of hours. With the majority of customers hugely satisfied by turnover times, NairaEX aims to minimize the time waiting and allow more time for spending!

Responsive Staff

Customer service is the foundation of any service. At NairaEX customer service has become a priority. Your requests will be handled by well trained and experienced staff aiming to respond as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is the main priority as our customer service team will assist you if transactions to get delayed to ensure a seamless and efficient service. Also available on hand to assist you if you get stuck buying Bitcoin, your transactions will always is able to be tracked as the team aim to provide a comprehensive service.

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