How to Whitelist NairaEX Emails

NairaEX may communicate and send further information regarding services via email. However occasionally, some emails may not show up in your inbox. Due to the nature of email providers, some may categorize communications as spam preventing them from being easily accessed. Here are the simple steps you can take to whitelist all NairaEX emails ensuring all important information is delivered securely and efficiently.

Google Mail users
For Gmail users you can easily set up a filter to ensure all future emails from NairaEX are delivered directly into your inbox.
1) Click the gear icon which is seen on the top right corner of your inbox.

2) Navigate to the Filters and Blocked address tab as seen on the top bar. Click create a new filter to add NairaEX to your whitelist.

3) Clicking the From field, enter the email which was used to contact you by NairaEX, or you can simply enter to ensure all emails from NairaEX are sent to your inbox.
4) After clicking “Create filter….” , simply select “never send to spam”.

Business and corporate users may also use the likes of Outlook. To whitelist our email you simply –
1) select the Actions tab on the menu before navigating to Junk Email.

2) Next select junk menu options, this will allow you to access the Safe Senders which outlines the addresses that are excluded from your spam folder.
3) Selecting Add will allow you to enter the domain This ensures all emails sent from NairaEX are sent to your inbox.

4) Selecting OK will add the address to the whitelist.

For users of Yahoo mail, adding a certain email address to your contacts list will ensure all emails are delivered directly to your inbox but creating a filter remains the ideal method to whitelist all future NairaEX emails.
1) Navigate to your main Inbox, here you will see a settings/options tab in the right hand corner.

2) Click on the Filters option to access filters in place for your inbox.

3) Click add to create a new rule, simply add “” in the sender section. Please leave all other fields on default as this allows for the filter to produce desired result.

4) Under the “Then deliver the email to the following folder”, simply select inbox !


These remain the best email providers as they can cater to customers needs. Mobile users who depend on the likes of iCloud may see some of their emails missing as Apple tends to send emails with certain phrases straight to spam. You should consider switching to a robust email provider to ensure fluid communication!

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