NairaEx Guide: How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins in Nigeria

how to buy and sell bitcoins

This trading guide will walk you through the process of buying and selling Bitcoins at  NairaEx – the best bitcoin exchange in Nigeria.

How to Buy Bitcoins in Nigeria
1. Complete NairaEx account verification
2. Login to your NairaEx account, click on new order
3. Fill out the Buy form (enter bitcoin or Naira amount), Select Payment method and NairaEx bank account. Complete and Review the order details.
4. Pay the described amount in Naira to the NairaEx bank account shown on the confirmation page and marked as complete after deposit.
Online, mobile or ATM transfer and deposit at any local branch of the bank are accepted
5. Email the proof of payment (teller, payslip, statement or transfer screenshot etc) to [email protected] and your order will be funded within 2-8 hours after your deposit has been verified.

How to Sell Bitcoins in Nigeria
1. Login to your NairaEx account and Go to Payment info (under your Name in the account dashboard) and add your bank accounts- You need this to receive money from us)
2. Click on New order and fill out the Sell form. (Change Trade to Sell and enter Bitcoin or Naira amount and submit. )
3. Select your bank account and click on submit, Review the order details
4. Send the described amount in bitcoin to the NairaEx bitcoin address shown on the confirmation page. We’ll send you the Naira within 2-8 hours after the Bitcoin has been confirmed on the bitcoin network.


How to complete account verification. (Only For Buying)

Email clear photo/scan of the documents below to [email protected]
1. Proof of identity: NairaEx only accepts a valid: International passport, driver’s license and other Nigerian government-issued photo ID card (Voter’s, National and Residence card etc)
2. SELFIE: You should take a clear photo with your face while holding up the proof of identity and a piece of paper that has “NairaEx” written on it with today’s date.

Processing time is 4-12 hours, average is less than 4 hours.
Once we confirm your transaction and paid, it will be marked as “completed”
Account verification usually takes 1 business day, you can contact us for expedited verification.
Contact us through social media or email if there are any problems with your order.

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