Hackers Attempt Scam Via Fake Wallet Files In Email

Bitcoin users are no strangers to the never ending risks that are evolving against the security of their bitcoin. Phishing scams, Trojans and even physical confrontations have lead to bitcoin users taking extra precautions as in this industry taking even the small steps to secure your financial assets can make them airtight and untouchable in a sense. Recently it has come as a alarm for many that via email users are receiving what appears to be the link to a supposed wallet file which is hosted on the Dropbox cloud based storage service. However this hoax email is simply a gateway allowing hackers access to your machines as warnings have been issued on the risk they pose to your bitcoin.

The wallet file is essentially the key to your bitcoin and whoever has it can essentially clear out a address within seconds. Its come to no surprise hackers are using this to entice potential users into taking advantage of a “mistake”. Once the file is opened or clicked it is believed the software is run on the users device to search for their own wallet files. This may just seem like another phishing attempt it seems the hackers have obtained a mailing list which may have belonged to the once massive exchange MtGox.

To conclude please immediately delete any emails similar to the one described in this article. Services such as Gmail are much more secure and instantly deleting the email prevents any connections being opened backdooring your PC and will ultimately safeguard the integrity of your machine and prevent thieves from accessing your Bitcoin. Also running a daily malware scan on your PC will help safeguard it if by mistake you do open the file as many of these Trojans/viruses are detected by current updated antivirus software such as Malwarebytes.


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