Google Trends: Lagos, Nigeria Top City and Country Searches for Bitcoin

Lagos, Nigeria and Google Bitcoin Trends
Lagos Tops As World’s Biggest City Googling ‘Bitcoin’ 

We take a look at the latest worldwide Google search analytics on Google Trends; which shows Lagos as the top city with interest in Bitcoin.

NOTE: This publication focuses on ‘top cities’ globally with reference to population and economic activities. Also, there are other Nigerian cities topping the search numbers over Lagos; but are currently not classified as big cities or big states.

The focus period is 30 days that is, searches conducted over one month (currently May-June). These and more are analysed below.

Factors Influencing These Global Interest Numbers

For quite obvious reasons, Lagos, Nigeria comes as no surprise as the top city on the rankings. A first instinct or rational explanation would be to attribute this to Bitcoin’s rise over the past weeks; and as always with the surge comes the herd flocking to get in on ‘free money’ from cryptocurrency assets.

On the flip side, Lagosians and the Nigerian instinct for survival amid economic downturn could be another factor. The prolonged economic woes in the country and globally, have had residents of Lagos and citizens of Nigeria, explore alternatives against the rising inflation and economic stagnancy.

Searching the worldwide keyword ‘Bitcoin’ shows Lagos ahead of other big world cities in the top 10 Google search list which includes: Vienna (Austria), Los Angeles, Munich (Germany), New York, Berlin, Melbourne, Toronto, Sydney (Australia), Brisbane (Australia) in that order.

Further searches using the Keyword ‘Buy Bitcoin’ on the worldwide city search, also sees Lagos top by an even wider margin. The top for ‘Buy Bitcoin’ shows Lagos (100%), Accra, Ghana (73%), New York (19%), London (18%) and Los Angeles (17%).

It could be deduced from the above statistics that Lagosians “want to know what Bitcoin is and are probably actively buying Bitcoin”. Or are Lagosians on their regular hustle alert hence the need to look up info?

Bitcoin Google trends (Nigerian States)

However, a surprising twist occurs when you search for ‘Bitcoin’ in Nigeria ONLY. The result ranks:

  1. Ondo
  2. Delta
  3. Bayelsa
  4. Edo
  5. Enugu
  6. Ebonyi
  7. Ogun State
  8. Niger
  9. Osun
  10. Kogi

Lagos ranks 21st in ‘Bitcoin’ search numbers in Nigeria over this one-month period. ***These statistics change periodically.

Bitcoin Google Trends (World Countries)

The top five countries ‘Googling Bitcoin’ over the past one month are:

  1. Nigeria (100%)
  2. South Africa (72%)
  3. Austria (67%)
  4. Switzerland (63%)
  5. Netherlands (55%)

Ghana takes sixth place, United States 14th, Kenya 26th, Egypt 58th.

Look up other Bitcoin search parameters and duration of statistics using the Google trend web tool:

It will be noted that Lagos and Nigeria have consistently maintained a top 10 spot for Google ‘Bitcoin’ searches.

Across these cities and countries, the reasons and motivating factors for Bitcoin interest vary. While some search for financial assets and investment instruments, others are bent on accumulation and others looking for an alternative survival option.

Bitcoin Vs Others

On a general note, Bitcoin is trending worldwide as the single most searched entity on Google, followed by Donald Trump (U.S. President), Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Electric Cars) and Kim Kardashian in this order.

Bitcoin has maintained this spot for over 12 months ahead of searches for the U.S. President, celebrities and other trending topics.

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What do you think of these statistics? Why has the African interest not converted to adoption? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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