Creating Your Bitcoin Wallet, The Step By Step Guide

When getting started with bitcoin, a wallet is essential to have. A wallet is one of the many ways to store your bitcoin and wwhile there are offline wallets kept in paper form, online wallets will allow you access to your bitcoin on demand. currently currently hosts one of the easiest to use bitcoin wallets providing instant access in seconds. Signing up also takes a couple of minutes by following these simple steps.

The Process

  1. go to the website. Here you can see the create wallet tab on the top. Clicking this will allow you to access the page shown below. Here you may fill out the details required such as Email and a password.2. After you fill out the required details click on the create wallet to finalize your details. Your wallet will be created within seconds and you will be met with the dashboard shown below. Remember to save your password and you will also be given the option of backing up your wallet on your PC to avoid having any access issues.3. The wallet is one of the easiest to use in the market as using the menu on the left hand side will allow you to send your bitcoin with a few clicks. Just plug in the amount and the bitcoin address and your good to go ! In advanced settings you can also lower the fees by using low priority but will lengthen the time it takes for your bitcoin to be confirmed in the recipients wallet. The nady drop down next to amount will also allow you to change currency should you need to.4.Below is your bitcoin address. As shown below you can easily create a QR code for users to scan and pay directly. Just put in the amount your customer needs to pay and the code is generated automatically. Send this to your customer and simply scanning this will show the user the payment page.5. There are also various account details you can personalize including your username and the password you would like attached to the account. Furthermore you can also change the currency to the one you primarily deal in to make transactions easier. Currently the NGN option is unavailable but you can select Euro, Pund Sterling, Chinese Yuan or the American dollar.6. Having 2 factor authentication is crucial to keeping your account secure as it will mean that you need access to your phone to log in. This helps prevent hackers as if your password and username are compromised your account will remain safe as only you have access to your phone. As seen above the settings tab has this option. You will need to download the google authentication app and scan the code as shown to you.7. Once you click continue you will need to enter the code you receive to connect the device to your account. This remains one of the best ways to secure your account and is crucial to keeping your money safe from hackers.

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