Bitcoin Successfully Sent Cross-Border without Internet or Satellite

In a recent test project, a twitter user has transmitted bitcoin across his state by using high frequency radio waves during a snowstorm.

The idea behind his project aims to depict the possibility of making offline bitcoin transactions across its network without internet connectivity; especially at a time when fears of government interference and surveillance have been raised.

Detailing the experiment procedure, CoinKite founder and the project creator – Radolfo Novak – explains in his tweet that the experiment nearly failed after nobody had initially replied to his calls for BTC recipients at the other end. However, a recipient showed up a day later with a software-defined radio (SDR) which takes form of a computer with radio capabilities and an antenna to respond.

The recipient used the JS8Call application designed for sending text words over radio frequencies and a confi9gured brain-wallet with the BTC sent by Novak from Toronto, Canada to the receiver in Michigan, USA. As they declared “Bitcoin sent over national borders without internet or satellite…just the nature’s ionsphere”

From Novak’s assessment, though the brain-wallet has safety issues with reference to its key phrases, the insight to send BTC through offline media is a pretty amazing discovery. Also, the offline BTC transmission experiment is pitched for usability in cases where government interference still strives in the space as seen in China or where dictator-run governments abound.

Correlatively, this latest test occurs just about the same time when Russia is rumoured to be exploring “off the internet” options or a separation from the global internet through a firewall-type implementation.

In all, this experiment portrays a great potential for offline transaction media for BTC; a worthy research finding in the emerging and ever evolving cryptospace. Novak’s experiment also puts to bed previous trials to transfer Bitcoin without internet access; the closest success recorded being a possible transfer of Bitcoin via mesh networks and satellite.

What are your thoughts on offline BTC transactions? Do you share the opinion that there is room for more development and tech in the cryptocurrency industry?

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