3 Reasons To buy Bitcoin In Nigeria

Bitcoin has many uses on a daily basis and in this article we will cover the three main reasons you should buy bitcoin in Nigeria, via the leading exchange NairaEx !

Bitcoin VS Naira

The age old debate of whether you should hold your assets in US dollars or the Naira, but the bitcoin could benefit you compared to both. The volatility of the Naira being connected closely to the value of oil and the restriction in foreign exchange placed by the CNB may make these volatile long term holds of value. Bitcoin has had a reputation for long term stability particularly over the past year where it has rarely dipped below the $300 mark and currently sits at a handsome $600 price range. Not only can you cash in on bitcoins price swings but can also stay assured the value will remain above certain levels as with no government affiliation and complete decentralization the market is free to go wherever it wants !nairaEX


From its very humble beginnings Bitcoin has propelled in value over a thousand times. Starting of at a fraction of a cent the currency was initially mined by computers but after the advent of ASIC technology home mining has pretty much ceased to be a profitable activity when factoring costs in. This has in turn increased the number of people using exchanges such as NairaEX for their bitcoin needs, as creating bitcoin not only takes weeks and weeks at current mining conditions, it also has a reputation for stretching computers to their maximum potential (in some cases lowering life expectancy).bitcoin mining tech


NairaEx, Nigeria’s Largest BTC exchange

Finally with the advent of exchanges such as NairaEX, it has never been easier to make your first purchase of bitcoin. Guided by NairaEX you are guaranteed to receive your Naira within 3 days or bitcoin if you intend to buy some. we have also talk about the various security measures employed by the site to protect your financial interests as the site doesn’t hold your bitcoin so the middle man gets cut out of the equation. Providing bitcoin at the best market rate in Nigeria currently, NairaEX is pioneered Bitcoin in the country and you too can grab some bitcoin on demand @ NairaEX.com

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