3 Reasons Why You Should Trade Bitcoins In Nigeria At NairaEx

NairaEX has grown to become one of the market leaders in Nigeria when concerning Bitcoin exchange services. From humble beginnings as a online exchange started with ambitions of aiding adoption of Bitcoin in Nigeria to becoming the current brand here we consider the features NairEX which may help you gain a financial edge when trading Bitcoin…

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Security is paramount on the NairaEX exchange. When dealing with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin you may be much more susceptible to hacks and breaches of account. This does increase the risk taken when transacting via Bitcoin but exchanges such as NairaEX employ the latest methods of verification to ensure that your account remains in your control. From web security to ensuring 2Factor authorisation, NairaEX is one of the few exchanges that remain uncompromised. When looking to bigger names such as Bitfinex, millions of dollars were stolen by hackers last year. Local Bitcoins, while remaining a peer to peer solution has also fell victim to thieves causing users to lose considerably. This is achieved via a number of techniques such as having multi sig deposit addresses ensuring user deposits remain much safer and inaccessible to third parties.

Developed in Nigeria for Nigerians

NairaEX is one of the biggest local exchanges proving Bitcoin services to users all over the country. Since its creation in 2015, it has grown to well over 60000 users serving Bitcoin at the most competitive rates in the country. Having no physical institutions to maintain, NairaEX is able to offer huge savings to its customers in terms of lower fees and faster processing times when compared to Banks and even other Bitcoin exchanges. Business clients and individuals looking to purchase Bitcoin can both benefit from the efficient and seamless exchange service delivering your Bitcoins at the best possible rates at the fastest processing times!


Fastest Processing times

Going to your local bank and making a transfer may take from a few days to a week to reach its intended recipient. With the advent of cryptocurrencies you can easily buy Bitcoin with your Naira via exchanges. The average delivery time for many exchanges typically takes a few days especially considering peer to peer exchanges such as Local Bitcoins rely on user efficiency. In the case of NairaEX your Bitcoin deposits are processed within 4 hours exceeding industry standards. Working with a well established exchange also has its benefits as while peer to peer exchanges such as Local Bitcoins do provide exchange services, NairaEX removes fraud risks as no longer will you have to concern yourself with chargeback’s and identity verification as you privacy and interests are catered for by the exchange.

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