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Tutorial : How To Trade Ethereum In Nigeria


How to Buy Ethereum In Nigeria-

Initially its recommended that you check out the guide on creating your very own bitcoin wallet. This will help you considerably when buying bitcoin and Ethereum too. A comprehensive guide regarding buying bitcoin from Nairaex has also been written to provide you with step by step instructions on how to purchase bitcoin which are delivered directly to your bitcoin address.

Now you must create a wallet to stroe and spend your Ethereum. The MyEtherWallet is currently one of the biggest and simplest bitcoin wallets to use. It also consumes much less data and being client side you will have much more control ! Firstly you must Create a strong password to use for the wallet. Please write this password for future reference as losing it will lose you access to your Ethereum.

Next you will be greeted with a page displaying your wallet file. This is extremely important so make sure you download this and save to a USB or offline device. This will aid you if you need to recover access to your account in the future or want to transfer your wallet to a new address for example. As the warning displays, losing the file will lose you your Ether tokens !

Next you will be given two options of recovering your account. A private key will be displayed to you which is unencrypted. Make sure you never reveal this to anyone as this can be used in exchange of a password to gain access to your account. You can also print a paper wallet if you would like a second backup. THis can be scanned by a smartphone camera if you need to regain access to your account.

Finally you will be given a list of options to access your account. Here you should choose the first option to use the wallet file you downloaded earlier. You will be prompted to upload the file by locating it where you saved it. Then you will be prompted to enter the password and you will have access to your wallet !

Here you can also swap your bitcoin for Ethereum by navigating to the swap tab at the top of the page !


Enter your Ethereum address which is shown when you login to your wallet. here you can also see how many ethereum you will receive for your bitcoin too !


You will then be displayed a address to send your bitcoin too after which you will receive your Ethereum at the stated exchange rate !

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