Skeptical About Cryptocurrencies? Here’s why you should get in this New Year

Posterity always holds man accountable for human behaviour towards finances, investment, emerging technologies and new trends. This assertion is readily visible in most human fields, as time and time over many miss out on profitable niches and potential industries such as cryptocurrency either due to skepticism, false beliefs, bias over long term investing, quick money routine among others.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency basically refers to digital currency. It is an electronic monetary system as opposed to fiat (paper money). Dubbed the future of money, cryptocurrency is heading towards a huge adoption phase and only the wise investors key in early.

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Here are a few questions which may pop up:

Why cryptocurrency, why don’t we stick to our regular fiat currency system?

A wise man once said, “Do we keep up with old technologies or systems cause we are used to them?”

That said, the fiat system of monetization as is obtainable in all other sectors has lived up to its billing and is due for an overhaul.

Features of the fiat monetary system have raised issues from cost, high transaction fees, undue control by government and institutional third parties, real time failure, high inflation as obtainable even among the western world countries, falling fiat currency prices as experienced in Turkey(Lira) and Venezuela (Bolivar) among other defects.

Crypto in this case Bitcoin in its advantage stance is 10 years in utility. Not entirely free of flaws but the current tech, adoption and potential of the industry makes a statement…’It can only get better‘. Currently devoid of third party delays with cheaper and faster transaction times, cryptocurrencies serve a better alternative as millennials take up the generation.

Further Pointers Crypto is the Real Deal

  1. Global Advancement: As visible in most sectors, taking reference to some advancement; a more common example is the replacement of Post offices by Electronic mails (E-mails). This move eradicated time wasting, paper consumption, third-party tampering and other lags. Early arguments about e-mail hacks as also in cryptocurrency have at this time become history, as its advantages and the global movement towards ease of services have become more beneficial.
  2. Global Adoption: Africa seems to choose always a path of second fiddle when new trends and technologies beckon. Despite Nigeria and a few other African nations hitting highs in daily crypto transaction values, the industry and its tech is still relatively untapped and under explored; as fear, bias and lack of adequate knowledge resources pose as factors.

In great contrast, western nations including super powers like USA, France, UAE, Malta are actively studying and investing, securing patents, legislation and more around the industry. Why wait on the sidelines then?

  1. Multi-earning Industry: Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading is a versatile industry with over 1600 cryptocurrencies, a country wide, global acceptable status with profits to be made round the clock. Its 365/24/7 global market as opposed to the forex and regular fiat-banking industry; there’s money to be made all day, all year even passively.

Extensively, since the industry is pretty new, an earning hack also abounds in learning relevant skills required in the industry from crypto journalism, trade analysis, blockchain engineering and many more.

  1. Big name Involvements: A usual sign of a potential booming industry is the involvement of big mentors, financial big wigs and financial gurus. From Robert Kiyosaki to Bill Gates and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg, they all have come to the realization that sooner rather than later crypto will strive.

See quotes by notable figures about the crypto industry here: Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Quotes

Another set of big players include international banks and Wall Street firms; all getting involved. The tech companies such as Samsung, HTC are not left out as they are currently incorporating cryptocurrecny wallets in their latest mobile devices. All these prove a point – the crypto potential is unquestionable and you’re on the right track.

Blockchain technology, the underlying technology of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies is not left out. More organisations and use cases are springing up daily. Get in early.

But I heard cryptocurrency prices are falling? Some say Bitcoin is dead

Lol, as in every financial sector there are highs and lows, so also is crypto. First, you need to think long term and note for every price drop there is a corresponding rally.

If you must know, even the American stock market and fiat investment model also got hit with stocks and investments losing over 80% in value this week. There are highs and lows, Bitcoin has been called dead multiple times only for a rebound to have many hailing again.

If you can’t handle a 70% dip you do not deserve a 600% rise. Always invest spare money if you can’t handle dips, think long term even as many short term profits are made…Also I ask you, what fiat or financial institution can guarantee you huge percentages on your currency holdings, savings or investments? None, except cryptocurrency.

How then do I buy my first Bitcoin or cryptocurrency?

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The platform also provides information on cryptocurrency basics through its Help option.

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