Netflix Announces Crypto Documentary Show

Netflix and Bitcoin
Netflix Discusses Plans for Cryptocurrency Documentary

Crypto meets Netflix: Industry Big Names on a Documentary

Popular movies and documentary streaming platform, Netflix has announced it will launch a documentary show focused on the cryptocurrency industry – Bitcoin and majorly Altcoins.

According to the firm, the documentary will feature top cryptocurrency industry figures; notably Ethereum founder Vitalin Buterin, Charlie Lee of Litecoin (LTC), Justin Sun (TRX Founder), Roger Ver (Bitcoin Cash), Jihan Wu (Ceo of Bitmain) and many more.

The documentary aims to educate and increase awareness about crypocurency. This is done in a bid to enlighten the general public on the subject of cryptocurrency through genuine and beneficial information.

Another benefit of this show could be mainstream adoption. Netflix currently ranks as the world’s seventh-largest internet company, with a wide geographical coverage which could spur interest in the digital asset space fr investors and viewers.

This is not the first time Netflix is getting involved in cryptocurrency, most recall its 2016 series “Banking on Bitcoin” which featured major industry figures at the time, and became very popular during the crypto boom of 2017.

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