Ether Token Swells Closer To $100 From Sub $10 Beginnings

Altcoins have received plenty of bad press with the volume of coins launching daily, it can be extremely hard to distinguish genuine projects from those created with only the developers interests in mind. However, the Ether token his risen out of the ashes to smash past the all-time high launching itself closer to the $100 mark. Only a handful of cryptocoins including the behemoth bitcoin have even come close to this mark, signaling the success of the ether token which has been one of the biggest developments since the blockchain.

As seen below, the price of the Ether token recently has exploded and considering the likes of JP Morgan and even the Bank of America showing their interest in the technology itself, the token smashed the $9 bn market cap.


To conclude the amazing rise of the Ethereum token signals the resurgence of altcoins in a time where the saturation of the market has become a fatal problem for development of various coins.

While many do boast significant user benefits such as complete privacy for the user, Ethereum has been the largest to capitalize on developer’s visions allowing applications to make use of the network in whatever way they see fit. With a separate interface onto of the blockchain, developers can easily integrate applications to make use of the Ethereum network for communication between various clients on the network as well as the network itself. Currently many analysts determine the rise to continue to level of $100 which is already a huge leap compared to prices which were sub $10 just a handful of months ago.

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