3 Of The Hottest Crypto ICO’s Of January 2018


The AMLT ICO has become one to watch having been developed by the developers behind projects like the Coinfirm intelligence network. The token which will become integral to the Confirm network which aims to facilitate safe and efficient trading. As stated on the website, the AMLT token will allow access to the current service offering from Coinfirm and will also serve as a reward tool for members in exchange for information on crypto addresses. As seen from one of their sample products, the potential for the platform to accommodate to companies needs, in terms of compliance and safety. The value of tokens in the ecosystem was highlighted by the transparency it allows access to.

With over $13 million having been raised, there are still 20 days to go till the end of the ICO itself although the cap for Tier 1 remains at 70000000 AMLT in total.

2) The Pundi X ICO

Pundi X is one of the larger companies running a ICO to help fundraise their hardware and software venture. Allowing users and companies to accept crypto via a hardware based solution called the Pundi X pass, the platform has already amassed well over 500 companies and 100000 individual users already reflecting the explosive growth we may see on launch. Primarily based in East Asia, this year the company aims to invest funding to open branches in Singapore, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia. The ICO is due to start in days and as the PRE ICO has already finished, raising well over $23 million alone. The ICO will begin in 12 days and although the opportunity for profit is huge, the prerequisites mean that you may be ineligible to participate. If you are a resident of China, USA or Malaysia you are prevent from participating according to local law.

You can invest here : https://www.pundix.com/
The token is based on a POS system allowing your holdings to accrue tokens over time. Visit the website above to find out the rates etc. !

3) Beluga

Beluga ICO
Payment processing has never been easier as Beluga aims to integrate crypto into a all in one payment solution. The platform will allow its merchants to accept BBI tokens for instant fulfillment of a transaction despite customers paying in fiat (which often takes days to process). The BBI token holders also receive a higher rate of loyalty points and each token is worth a month of premium membership. As usual token holders will also earn on their holdings at a rate of 0.5% of all transaction as fees.
You can join in at https://belugapay.com/index.jsp

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