Ethereum Markets Explode Well Over 2000% This Year

Bitcoin hasn’t been the only market mover this year with Ethereum becoming one of the biggest coins in the market. Peaking at just over half the market cap of Bitcoin the coin currently stands at 222$, a momentous rise from the $8 price which it maintained for much of January this year. Currently the market cap stands at just over $800 000 000 as many predict prices will reach a bubble within the coming weeks.

As seen below, the prices of the coin have exploded in recent memory, and while a short period of market correction did occur earlier last month, the bullish sentiment remains the predominant force. The recent announcement by the OkCoin exchange has also proved beneficial as it helps increase the market on a global scale.


For the past two years, we have been constantly reviewing the viability of listing ETH and ETC based on factors including technical maturity, innovation, market liquidity, and compliance. Today, we are formally launching ETH on the OkCoin exchange.

The Future

To conclude while other cryptocurrencies rarely gain much attention or traction in the digital currency industry, Ethereum has received much attention lately renowned as Blockchain 2.0. Recently the prices of the coin have skyrocket comparable to the advance Bitcoin itself has made this year. Prices currently stand at $222 with the potential for another growth period more likely due to huge exchanges such as ok coin also opening their doors to the crypto currency. China has long been an influential factor considering the bulk of cryptocurrencies trades occur in the country, many anticipate fresh capital to flood into the ever growing Ethereum market cap. It would be advisable to purchase a small amount of the coin in the short term but larger purchases are not advised currently as market correction is highly likely given the recent decrease in volume.

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